Social Restructuring



A modern, cohesive society that cherishes, sustains and safeguards its identity, originality, civilization and humanity from destructive factors such as tribalism, regionalism and the effects of past conflicts, achieving comprehensive, just and balanced societal development that invests the energies and capacities of society, supported by the development and integration of population policies conducive to social justice, combating poverty, facilitating access to necessary services and improving the standard of living for the society.

Society Cohesion and Society Development

Strategic goals:

  • Strengthening the foundations of for societal cohesion and remove the effects of past conflicts and fortify the society of division factors.
  • Taking advantage of cultural diversity as a means of social cohesion based on the values of coexistence, tolerance, acceptance of the other and respect for the heritage and cultural components of local communities and their development.
  • Enhancing the necessary components for society development that invests the energies and capabilities of society.
  • Protecting the endowments and the work through an independent body to revive the role of endowments, encourage and develop its resources and disposal to achieve the legitimate objectives of social and economic role in accordance with the law, according to the quality of endowment.
Social Justice

Strategic Goals:

  • Developing a system of legislation and policies that guarantee equality, non-discrimination and equal opportunities.
  • Developing effective policies that ensure equitable distribution of development returns.
  • Expanding and improving the social protection network to provide a decent life for the citizen.
  • Consolidating the principles and values of social justice, and to raise awareness of legislation and policies regulating them.
  • Promoting and activate the role of women in the family, society and public life.
Identity and Culture

Strategic Goals:

  • Preserving the unity of historical and cultural identity of the Arab and Islamic people of Yemen and what Yemen represents through the stages of history.
  • Consolidating the national identity which is comprehensive and includes all components of society as a basis for building the modern state of Yemen.
  • Activating the use of cultural means in development, building peace and mobilizing the capacities of society.
  • Developing institutions capable of achieving cultural achievements that move culture from its traditional interests on the margins of development to a motivating component.
  • Developing Arabic language curricula and strategies in the basic education, as they represent a symbol of the nation’s identity and heritage.
  • Confronting the Yemeni tribal conflicts, and preserve tribal customs and values that are consistent with the rule of law.
  • .Protecting and exploit the historical and cultural monuments of Yemen, including manuscripts, documenting them and working to return what was looted.
Population Policy

Strategic Goals:

  • Developing the population policy system necessary to achieve sustainable development and balance between population growth and available resources.
  • Paying attention to young people, provide youth development and invest their creative and innovative energies.
  • Expanding policies and programs for rural development, encourage stability in rural areas and limit immigration to cities.
  • Providing modern residential projects and cities for people with limited income divisions through diversified funding mechanisms.
  • Developing national strategy for the re – distribution of population supports a balanced and sustainable developing land resources and investing human energies with high efficiency.
Combating Poverty

Strategic Goals:

  • Poverty alleviation through economic empowerment policies and programs for the poorest and marginalized groups.
  • Developing effective and efficient mechanisms for the management of Zakat resources to contribute to the mitigation of poverty.
  • Promoting care and social protection for the poor.
  • Directing international aid and grants towards effective programs to combat poverty.
  • Promoting food security for the poor.
  • Developing monitoring, evaluation and information management mechanisms in the area of poverty alleviation.
Humanitarian Response

Strategic Goals:

  • Supporting the effective management of humanitarian response in Yemen.
  • Diversifying humanitarian response programs to ensure sustainability in the provision of living needs.
  • Developing monitoring, and evaluation mechanisms in dealing with humanitarian response.