Justice and Rule of Law



A just and independent judiciary that works to achieve justice and protect the rights and freedoms/liberties of all citizens effectively and impartially in accordance with swift and accessible procedures by fully and conscientiously invoking the provisions of the Law while ensuring effective self-supervision.

Justice And Access To Justice

Strategic Goals:

  • Completing and improving the system of legislation related to judicial work.
  • Developing the institutional and organizational structure of the authorities of the judicial authority and enhancing the role of the Judicial Inspection Authority.
  • Developing judicial and administrative human capacities of the judicial authority and meeting the needs of competent judicial personnel.
  • Developing and modernize judicial administration according to modern scientific basis that will contribute to improving judicial work and improving the level of judicial services provided.
  • Providing and rehabilitate the infrastructure of the judiciary.
  • Addressing all outstanding cases before the courts, prosecutions and relative concerned entities according to a timely implementation plan.
  • Promoting access to justice, especially for women, children and vulnerable groups in society.
Legislative Reform

Strategic Goals:

  • Reviewing and update laws and legislations to keep abreast of developments, remove the legislative imbalances hindering the achievement of justice, and address the legal gaps that are exploited by corrupt practices in different forms.
  • Adopting fundamental reforms in the basic rules and guidelines to achieve social justice and implant values of equality among all groups of society.
  • Developing institutional restructuring and building legal information systems, and capacity building of human staff in the field of legislation for the concerned entities in the legal system.
Rule of Law

Strategic Goals:

  • Applying the rule of law in different institutions in a clear and transparent manner that guarantees equality and justice in all its procedures.
  • Enabling the state institutions, especially the justice and security agencies, to impose the rule of law according to a clear vision and procedures to ensure the level of implementation.