Innovation, Creativity, Knowledge and Scientific Research



Innovative and creative generations seeking cognitive development, producing knowledge and technology to serve their society, and supporting the development and growth of the state.

Innovation, Creativity And Knowledge

Strategic Goals:

  • Expanding society access to knowledge.
  • Establishing a national system of creativity and innovation.
  • Developing intellectual property protection legislation.
  • Promoting and disseminate production of Yemeni intellectual output locally and externally.
  • Increasing the contribution of the intellectual economy to the gross national product.
  • Developing a national digital content management system.
  • Increasing the number of patents registered locally and internationally.
  • Encouraging the use of modern technology in society.

Scientific Research

Strategic Goals:

  • Establishing an integrated national system for scientific research and technology.
  • Supporting and encourage scientific research by raising the share of scientific research from GDP and form scientific research support funds.
  • Providing and develop the infrastructure related to scientific research.
  • Establishing a bridge between the outputs of the institutions of scientific research and development.