A modern health system that responds to and interacts with the needs of the society, based on individual and collective responsibility that supports the achievement of sustainable development

Strategic Goals:

  • Developing systems and mechanisms for the management and coordination of health services control the effectiveness and quality at all levels, and stimulate participation of Society in management and control.
  • Expanding, strengthen health services for all citizens and support emergency services to accommodate the nature and circumstances of the current period and work for its developments.
  • Strengthening primary health care, disease control and epidemiological surveillance; maintain a high level of immunization of children and mothers to prevent epidemics of immunized diseases and reduce the aggravation of the problem of malnutrition.
  • Achieving adequacy and efficiency of health sector staff and improve the organization of his profession.
  • Encouraging investment in the health sector and the pharmaceutical industry to support the availability of health services and medicines to citizens at sufficient levels and quality to achieve satisfaction of people.
  • Developing and strengthen the role of the national health information system and adopt modern methods and applications of information management at the level of institutions and health facilities, thus enhancing the management of the health system.
  • Working to promote the application of health insurance systems for the entire population.