Governance System



A system of governance based on modern and democratic foundations, which adopts the principle of the peaceful transfer of authority, providing political, economic and social rights and freedoms, free and independent media that enhances the role of the people and their contribution to development, a government that invests autonomous resources to promote integration and equity in distributing wealth; development at the local and central levels, building effective governance institutions for citizens, implementing a good system of governance that combats corruption, ensures the rule of law, transparency, accountability and active society participation, and works to create the various elements necessary to ensure social and political stability to achieve a stimulating environment for sustainable and inclusive development.

Foundations of State Building

Strategic Goals:

  •  Developing the foundations and constitutional principles to build the modern Yemeni state.
  • Restructuring the three institutions of the Higher Government Authority to perform their necessary role in building the modern Yemeni state.
  •  Promoting the exercise of the principles of governance, to consolidate the values of democracy, political pluralism and the peaceful transfer of power through free and fair elections.

Good Governance

Strategic Goals:

  • Consolidating principles and foundations of good governance and apply it in various central and local state institutions.
  • Developing the system and mechanisms of the house of representatives to enhance its legislative and watchdog role in accordance with the highest parliamentary systems/standards.
  •  Supporting and strengthening the capacity of civil society, the private sector, and media institutions in governance.
  • Improving the degree of integrity, transparency and combating corruption.

Rights, Freedoms, Liberties And the Media

الأهداف الإستراتيجية:

  • Promoting political participation and to provide a democratic environment for political pluralism and party work in accordance with the Constitution, laws and national interest.
  • Promoting values of citizenship, culture of national loyalty, principles of human rights, the values of justice, the rule of law, equality and non-discrimination.
  • Enhancing the freedom of the press, opinion, expression and pluralism of the media, in line with the sound awareness, ethics and values of good society and the supreme national interest.
  • Conveying the injustice of Yemeni people to the world and to expose their suffering and their rights to live and to live a decent life as a result of the aggression and the unjust siege imposed on them.
  • Raising awareness of the principles and foundations of public and private rights and liberties in the judicial, security and administrative entities of the State so as to ensure their absorption in the formulation of government policies and plans.
  • Reviewing and revising national laws and harmonizing them with the charters and treaties relating to rights and freedoms in a way that does not conflict with religious and national constants.
  • Supporting and strengthening national mechanisms concerned, practices relating to rights and freedoms, and protection of the rights of women, children and special rights.
  • Enhancing the role of the official media in building the state, strengthening national identity and defending national issues according to a strategic vision of the national media.
  • Enhancing the role of non-formal media in the developmental, cultural and social fields, and consolidating national values, unity, brotherhood and social responsibility

Local Governance

Strategic goals:

  • Structuring legislative system, develop the institutional structures and develop the specific human capacities; provide the necessary resources for the local government system so it can manage its resources and improve its situation and raise the standard of living of local communities to achieve sustainable local development.
  •  Implementing a modern local governance system based on administrative division that promotes competitiveness and equitable distribution of resources to achieve balanced and sustainable local development in the governorates and districts of the Republic.
  •  Building and strengthening the central, local and society control and accountability capacities on the local government districts.

Control and Oversight System

Strategic goals:

  • Developing the policies and legislation of the regulatory system and enhance its independence in accordance with the principles and foundations of good governance.
  • Activating the performance of oversight entities and institutions, and enhance the level of integration and coordination in their work, in order to achieve the efficiency of the central and local state entities.
  • Developing and diversify the role of the Control and Oversight system in evaluating governmental administrative policies and procedures to ensure enhanced transparency and performance improvement.
  • Enhancing society control over the performance of state institutions and services through organized and clear mechanisms.

Societal Participation

Strategic goals:

  • Developing improved legislation and mechanisms for society participation in various fields and for various society actors, including women and youth.
  • Enhancing the role of the private sector in the society contribution to development.