Foreign Policy and National/Home Security



A national security system that protects the interests of Yemen and guarantees the sovereignty and decision making independence, within effective external relations that serve the best interests of the nation and based on the principles of equality, mutual respect and common interests.

Foreign Policy

Strategic Goals

  • Upgrading and manage the foreign policy of the Republic of Yemen in accordance with effective institutional mechanisms to serve the supreme national interest.
  • Developing and strengthen the relations of the Republic of Yemen internationally and regionally based on common interests and work to provide ways to protect them.
  • Taking care of the rights and interests of Yemeni citizens overseas and strengthen their solidarity and national belonging and protect them from harmful factors and intellectual influences.
National Security

Strategic Goals

  • Developing a national security strategy that will serve Yemen’s supreme interests at home and abroad, and promote the concept of strategic partnership and positive interaction with all local and international organizations and harness them to serve this purpose.
  • Linking the strategic geographical location of the Republic of Yemen and its islands, coasts and wealth to development and national interests.
  • Developing and secure infrastructure for vital and national facilities.
  • Preparing a vision to combat and eradicate the penitential (takfiri) ideology that imports foreign terrorism to Yemeni society because of the danger it poses to the national security of the country.