Defense and Security



A strong national army built on modern foundations and national standards, which is the property of the people that protects the homeland, national sovereignty and independence, and modern security institutions that provide effective security services that safeguard rights and freedoms/liberties, protect citizens and provide the necessary climate for stability and development.


Strategic Goals:

  • Building a national army based on modern scientific foundations and standards, with a military doctrine and loyalty to God and the homeland, capable of protecting national sovereignty and defending Yemen’s independence.
  • Developing appropriate legislation to keep pace with the restructuring and protection of the state and to ensure the strength and independence of the army and neutrality in political conflicts.
  • Developing the human, institutional and technical capacities of the Army at all levels to ensure its readiness and contribution to development.
Security Services

Strategic Goals:

  • Developing the security and police organs, update the system of legislation related to their work, develop employees’ capabilities and ensure its comprehensiveness and quality.
  • Implementing the civil registration system and adopt the national number in all transactions procedures according to a chronic plan aimed at providing a unified national database.
  • Applying declared and transparent criteria for appointment to work in security and police positions at the central and local levels.
  • Developing a standard system to monitor, follow and evaluate the performance of the security services and the police and respective staff.